Opening the ERA Web Console

ESET Remote Administrator Web Console is the main interface used to communicate with ERA Server. You can think of it as a control panel, a central place from which you can manage all ESET security solutions. It is a web-based interface that can be accessed using a browser from any place and any device with internet access.

There are multiple ways to open the ERA Web Console.

On your local server (the machine hosting your Web Console) type this URL into the web browser:

From any place with internet access to your web server, type the URL in following format:
Replace "yourservername" with the actual name or IP address of your web server.

To log into the ERA Virtual appliance, use following URL:
https://[IP address]:8443/
Replace "[IP address]" with the IP address of your ERA VM. If you do not remember the IP address, see step 9 of Virtual appliance deployment instructions.

On your local server (the machine hosting your Web Console), click Start > All Programs > ESET > ESET Remote Administrator > ESET Remote Administrator Web Console - a login screen will open in your default web browser. This does not apply to the ERA Virtual appliance.

When web server (that runs ERA Web Console) is up, the following login screen is displayed.



If you experience problems logging in or receive error messages while trying to log in, see Web Console Troubleshooting.