Edit report template

This section details editing existing report templates (for information on how to create a new report template click here).

Click a blank square in the new dashboard. The Add Report window will be displayed. Select Installed applications and click Add or Edit Template.


icon_section Basic

Edit the Basic information about the Template. Review or change the Name, Description and a Category. This information is pre-defined according to the selected Report type.

icon_section Chart

In the Chart section, select the Report type. In this example, we leave the Display Table option empty and select the Display Chart option.



All selected chart types will be displayed in the Preview section. This way, you can see what the report will look like in real-time.

Selecting a Chart gives you multiple options. For a better overview, we select the Stacked Line Chart type. This chart type is used when you want to analyze data with different units of measure.

Optionally, you can define a title for the X and Y axis of the chart to make reading the chart and identifying trends easier.

icon_section Data


In the Data section, we enter the information to be displayed on the X and Y axis of the chart. Clicking the respective symbols opens a window with options. The choices available for the Y axis always depend on the information selected for the X axis and vice versa, because the chart displays their relation and the data must be compatible.

For the X axis, we select Computer > Computer name to determine what computers are sending spam. The Format will be set to Value > Absolute. Color and Icons are set by the administrator.

For the Y axis, we select Installed software > Size in MB to determine the absolute number of the spam messages. The Format will be set to Value > Absolute. Color and Icons are set by the administrator.

icon_section Sorting


Add sorting to define the relation between the selected data. Select the starting information and then the method, either Ascending or Descending. It is also possible to sort the data by both options (shown above).

icon_section Filter


Options displayed here depend on the settings configured earlier (information for the X and Y axis). Select an option and a mathematical function to determine how the data will be filtered. For this example, we selected Installed Software and Application name > is equal to > ESS and Installed Software. Size in MB > is greater than > 50.

icon_section Summary


In the Summary, review the selected options and information. If they are to your satisfaction, click Finish to create a Report template.