Drill down

This Dashboard functionality is useful for data examination in greater detail, it lets you interactively select specific items from a summary and view detailed data about them. Focus in on the item of interest by 'drilling down' from summary information in order to get further information about this particular item. There are usually multiple levels you can drill down through.

There are four drill down types:

Show Detailed information - computer name and description, Static Group name etc. Displays original (not aggregate) data for the clicked row.

Show Only 'value' - Information, Critical, Security risk, Security notification etc.

Expand column 'value' - it will show aggregated information (usually for count or sum), for example if there is just a number in the column and you click Expand column Computer, it will list all details about computers

Show In Computers page (all) - redirects you to the Computers page (shows a result of 100 items only)


The results you get using drill down of other reports will show the first 1000 items only.