Dynamic Group - installed but not activated version of server security product

This Dynamic Group can be used to detect inactive server products. Once these products are detected, you can assign a Client Task to this group to activate client computers with proper license. In this example only EMSX is specified, but you can specify multiple products.

Click New Template under Admin > Dynamic Group Templates.

icon_section Basic

Enter a Name and a Description for the new Dynamic Group template.

icon_section Expression

Select a logical operator in the Operation menu: AND (All conditions have to be true).

Click + Add Rule and select a condition:

oComputer > Managed products mask > in > "ESET protected: Mail Server"

oFunctionality/Protection problems > Source > = (equals) > "Security product"

oFunctionality/Protection problems > Problem > = (equals) > "Product not activated"


icon_section Summary

Review the configured settings and click Finish to create the template. This new template will be added to the list of all templates, and can be used later to create a new Dynamic Group.