Create a new Certification Authority

To create a new authority, navigate to Admin > Certificates > Certification Authority and click Action > New at the bottom of the page.

Certification Authority

Enter a Description of the Certification Authority and select a Passphrase. This Passphrase should contain at least 12 characters.

Attributes (Subject)

1.Enter a Common name (name) of the Certification Authority. Select a unique name to differentiate multiple Certificate Authorities. Optionally, you can enter descriptive information about the Certification Authority.

2.Enter the Valid from and Valid to values to ensure that the certificate is valid.

3.Click Save to save your new Certification Authority. It will now be listed in the Certification Authority list under Admin > Certificates > Certification Authority, and is ready to be used.


To manage the Certification Authority, select the check box next to the Certification Authority in the list and use the contact menu (left-click the Certification Authority) or the Action button on the bottom of the page. Available options are Import Public Key and Export a Public key or Edit the Certification Authority.