Operating System Update

The System Update task is used to update the operating system of the client computer. This task can trigger the operating system update on Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems.

icon_section Basic

Enter basic information about the task, such as a Name and Description and then select the Operating System Update task. The Task Type (see the list of Client Task types) defines the settings and  behavior for the task.

icon_section Target

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

It is not possible to add Targets while creating a Client Task. You will be able to add Targets after the task has been created. Configure Settings for the task and click Finish to create the task and then create a Trigger to specify Targets for the task.


icon_section Settings

Automatically Accept EULA - select this check box if you want to accept the EULA automatically. No text will be displayed to the user.

Install Optional Updates - this option applies to Windows operating systems only, updates that are marked as optional will also be installed.

Allow Reboot - this option applies to Windows operating systems only and causes the client computer to reboot once the updates are installed.

icon_section Summary

Review the summary of configured settings and click Finish. The Client Task is now created and a pop-up window will open. We recommend you to click Create Trigger to specify when this Client Task should be executed and on what Targets. If you click Close, you can create a Trigger later on.