Device Enrollment

Mobile devices can be managed via ERA and ESET security product running on the mobile device. To start managing mobile devices, you need to enroll them into ERA (it is no longer necessary to enter IMEI or other identification numbers into the mobile device).

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

We recommend you configure an SMTP server for mass enrollment via email. Go to Server Settings, expand Advanced Settings and specify the SMTP server details.

You can enroll mobile devices in Computers section or Admin > Groups. Select Static Group that you want to add mobile devices to and click Add new > Mobile devices. A pop-up window appears. Depending on how you want to deploy mobile devices, you can choose from the following enrollment methods:

Enrollment via email - mass enrollment of mobile devices via email. This option is best suited if you need to enroll large number of mobile devices or in case you have existing mobile devices which you do not have physical access to. Using this option requires interaction of the user/owner of the mobile device.

Individual enrollment via link or QR code  - single mobile device enrollment. You will be able to enroll one mobile device at a time and will need to repeat the same process for each device. We recommend you to use this option only when you have a smaller number of mobile devices to enroll. This option is suitable if you do not want users/mobile device owners to do anything and require to perform whole enrollment by yourself. Also, you can use this option if you have new mobile devices which will be handed over to users once the devices are all set up.