Manage Server Triggers

To manage Server Triggers, from the Admin tab click Server tasks > Triggers, select Trigger type and click Edit.

icon_section Basic

Define a name for your trigger, you can also enter a description of the trigger if you want.

icon_section Settings

Select a trigger type. Trigger type defines the method to activate the trigger. Select an Event Log Trigger and continue.

Select a log type. The trigger is activated when a certain event occurs in this log.

Define the event that has to occur in order to activate the trigger. Select a logical operator for filtering the events. In this example, select AND (All conditions have to be true).

If you need add a filter from the list (as event) and select the logical operator for the custom string.


Select a logical operator in the Operation menu.

AND - All defined conditions have to be true.

OR - At least one condition has to be true.

NAND - At least one condition has to be false.

NOR - All conditions have to be false.

icon_section Advanced Settings - Throttling

Specify the Number of ticks to aggregate. This will define how many ticks (trigger hits) are needed in order to activate the trigger. For more specific information, see the Throttling chapter.


icon_section Summary

Review the settings of your new trigger, make adjustments and click Finish. Your trigger is now saved on the server and ready to be used. You can also view triggers that you have created in the list on the right. To edit or delete the trigger, simply click the trigger in the list and select the appropriate action from the context menu. To delete multiple triggers at once, select the check boxes next to the triggers you want to remove and click Delete.