Server Tasks

Server Tasks can automate routine jobs. Server task can have Triggers configured, which cause the task to execute when a certain combination of events occur on the ERA Server.


Server Tasks cannot be assigned to any specific client or client group.

To start creating your new task, click Admin > Server Tasks > New. Enter basic information about the task, such as a Name, Description (optional) and the Task Type. The Task Type defines the settings and the behavior of the task. Select the check box next to Run task immediately after finish to have the task run automatically after you click Finish.

The following Server Tasks are pre-defined:

Agent Deployment - distributes the Agent to client computers.

Delete Not Connecting Computers - deletes clients that no longer connect to ESET Remote Administrator from Web Console.

Generate Report - used to generate reports as they are needed.

Rename Computers - this task will periodically rename computers in groups using FQDN format.

Static Group Synchronization - updates group information to display current data.

User Synchronization - updates User or User Group.