When does a computer become a member of a Dynamic Group?

For a computer to become a member of a specific Dynamic Group, it must meet certain conditions. These conditions are defined in a Dynamic Group Template. Each template consists of one or several Rules. You can specify these rules when creating a new Template.

oCertain information about the current condition of a client computer is stored by the Agent. The computer's condition is evaluated by the Agent according to template rules.

oThe set of conditions required for a client to join a Dynamic Group are defined in your Dynamic Group Templates, and clients are evaluated for inclusion in Dynamic Groups each time they check in to ESET Remote Administrator. When a client meets the values specified in a Dynamic Group template, it is automatically assigned to this group.

oDynamic Groups can be seen as filters based on computer status. One computer may apply for more than one filter and, therefore, be assigned to more than one Dynamic Group. This makes Dynamic Groups different from Static Groups, because a single client cannot belong to more than one static group.