Dynamic Groups

Dynamic Groups are in essence custom filters defined in Templates. Computers are filtered on the Agent side, so no extra information needs to be transferred to server. The Agent decides on its own which Dynamic Groups a client belongs to, and only notifies the server about this decision. Dynamic Groups have their rules defined in the Dynamic Group Template.

There are some pre-defined Dynamic Groups available after you have installed ESET Remote Administrator. If you need to, you can create custom Dynamic Groups. When creating them, create a template first and then create a Dynamic Group.

Another approach is to create a new Dynamic Group and new template on the fly.

More than one Dynamic Group can be created from one template.

A user can use Dynamic Groups in other parts of ERA. It is possible to assign policies to them or prepare a task for all computers therein.

Dynamic Groups can be under Static Groups or Dynamic Groups. However, the topmost group is always static.

All the Dynamic Groups under a certain Static Group only filter computers of that Static Group no matter how deep they are in the tree. Moreover, for nested Dynamic Groups, a deeper Dynamic Group filters the results of the superior one.

Policies are applied as described here. However, once created, they can be moved freely across the tree.