Create new Dynamic Group

Dynamic Groups are groups of clients selected based on specific criteria. If a client computer does not fulfill the criteria, it will be removed from the group. If it fulfills the defined conditions, it will be added to the group. Group selection happens automatically based on configured settings, except for in the case of Static Groups.

There are three ways to create a New Dynamic Group:

1. Click Computers > Groups > icon_cogwheel and select New Dynamic Group...


2. Click Admin > Groups > icon_cogwheel > New Dynamic Group...


3. Click Admin > Groups > Click the Group button and click New Dynamic Group...


A New Dynamic Group Wizard will appear. For more use cases how to create new Dynamic Group based on a Dynamic Group template with rules, see examples.

The Dynamic Group Templates section contains both pre-defined and custom templates based on different criteria. All templates are displayed in a list. Clicking an existing template allows you to edit it. To create a New Dynamic Group template, click New Template.