Certificates are an important part of ESET Remote Administrator, they are required for ERA components to communicate with ERA Server. To make sure all components can communicate correctly, all Peer Certificates need to be valid and signed by the same Certification Authority.

You can create a new Certification Authority and Peer Certificates in ERA Web Console, follow the instructions in this guide to:

Create a new Certification Authority

oImport a Public Key

oExport a Public Key

oExport a Public Key in BASE64 format


Create a new Peer Certification

oCreate a Certificate

oExport a Certificate

oCreate an APN certificate

oRevoke a certificate

oCertificate usage

oSet new ERA Server certificate

oCustom certificates with ESET Remote Administrator

oExpiring Certificate - reporting and replacement

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

macOS / OS X does not support Certificates with expiry date January 19, 2038 and later. ERA Agent running on macOS / OS X won't be unable to connect to ERA Server.