Mapped Domain Security Group Wizard

To acccess the Mapped Domain Security Group Wizard, navigate to Admin > Access Rights > Mapped domain security groups > New or simply New (when the mapped domain security group is selected in the tree).


icon_section Basic

Domain group

Enter a Name for the group, you can also enter a group Description. The group will be defined by a Group SID (security identifier). Click Select to select a group from the list and then click OK to confirm.


Leave Enabled selected to make the user active.

The Autologout (min) option defines the idle time period (in minutes), after which the user is logged out of the ERA Web Console.

Mail contact and Phone Contact are optional and can be used to identify the user.

icon_section Permission set

Assign competences (rights) for the user. You can use a pre-defined competence:

Administrator permission set (similar to full access), or you can use a custom permission set.

Server assisted installation permission set - (similar to read-only rights)

Reviewer permission set (similar to read-only rights)

icon_section Summary

Review the settings configured for this user and click Finish to create the group.