ERA Web Console

ESET Remote Administrator Web Console is the main interface used to communicate with ERA Server. You can think of it as a control panel, a central place from which you can manage all of your ESET security solutions. It is a web-based interface that can be accessed using a browser (see Supported Web browsers) from any place and any device with internet access.

In the ERA Web Console standard layout:

The current user is always shown in upper right, where the timeout for his/her session counts down. You can click Logout to log out at any time. When a session times out (because of user inactivity), a user must log in again.

To change User Settings, click your user name in top right corner of ERA Web Console.

You can click ? at the top of any screen to view help for that specific screen.

The Menu is accessible on the left at all times except when using a Wizard. Place your mouse on the left of the screen to display the menu. The menu also contains Quick Links and displays your Web Console version.

The icon_cogwheel icon always denotes a context menu.

Click icon_reload Refresh to reload/refresh displayed information.


Status Overview show you how to get most from ESET Remote Administrator. These will guide you through the recommended steps.


Screens with tree have specific controls. The tree itself is on the left with actions bellow. Click an item from the tree to display options for that item.


Tables allow you to manage units from rows individually or in a group (when more rows are selected). Click a row to display options for units in that row. Data in tables can be filtered and sorted.


Objects in ERA can be edited using Wizards. All Wizards share the following behaviors:

oSteps are vertically oriented from top to bottom.

oUser can return to any step at any time.

oInvalid input data are marked when you move your cursor to a new field. The Wizard step containing invalid input data is marked as well.

oYou can check for invalid data any time by clicking Mandatory Settings.

oFinish is not available until all input data is correct.