Product installation

ESET security products can be installed remotely by clicking the desired client computer and selecting New, or by creating a new Software Install task under Admin > Client Tasks. Click New... to begin setting up your new task.

The Client Task Execution display shows you the current status of Client Tasks and includes a Progress indicator for the selected task.


icon_section Basic

Enter Basic information about the task, such as the Name, optional Description and the Task Type. The Task Type (see the list above) defines the settings and the behavior for the task.

icon_section Target

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT: A Client Task must be defined before you can assign it to targets. First, configure the task under Settings and click Finish. You will then be able to assign targets and configure any Triggers you want to use for this task.


icon_section Settings

Click <Choose ESET License> and select the appropriate license for the installed product from the list of available licenses. Select the check box next to I agree with application End User License Agreement if you agree. See License Management or EULA for more information.

Click <Choose package> to select an installer package from the repository, or specify a package URL. A list of available packages where you can select the ESET product you want to install (for example, ESET Endpoint Security) will be displayed. Select your desired installer package and click OK. If you want to specify an installation package URL, type or copy and paste the URL (for example file://\\pc22\install\ees_nt64_ENU.msi) into the text field (do not use a URL that requires authentication).

http://server_address/ees_nt64_ENU.msi - If you are installing from a public web server or from your own HTTP server.

file://\\pc22\install\ees_nt64_ENU.msi - if you are installing from a network path.

file://C:\installs\ees_nt64_ENU.msi - if you are installing from a local path.

icon_details_hoverNOTE: Please note that both ERA Server and ERA Agent must have access to the internet to access the repository and complete the installation. If you do not have internet access, you can install the client software locally.

If you need to, you can specify Installation parameters, otherwise leave this field empty. Select the check box next to Automatically reboot when needed to force an automatic reboot of the client computer after installation. Alternatively, you can leave this option unchecked and the decision to restart can be made by someone using the client computer.

icon_section Summary

Review the summary of configured settings and click Finish. The Client Task is now created and a dialog box will open. We recommend that you click Create Trigger to specify when this Client Task should be executed and on what Targets. If you click Close, you can create a Trigger later on.