Post Installation Tasks

We highly recommend you to go through the Post Installation Tasks as these will help you to with initial configuration of ESET Remote Administrator.


icon_section Before you start

We invite you to visit instructional videos and the ESET Knowledgebase.

icon_section Users

You can create different users and configure their permissions to allow different levels of management in ESET Remote Administrator.

icon_section Certificates

You can create Certification Authorities and Peer certificates for individual ESET Remote Administrator components in to allow communication with ERA Server.

icon_section Licenses

ESET Remote Administrator from version 6 uses a completely new ESET licensing system, select the method you want to use to add your new license.

icon_section Computers

Add devices to groups in ESET Remote Administrator.

icon_section Agents

There are multiple ways to deploy ERA Agent to client computers in your network.

icon_section Products

You can install software directly from the ESET repository or specify a file path to a shared folder with installation packages.

icon_section SMTP Settings

ESET Remote Administrator can be configured to connect to your existing SMTP server which allows ERA to send email messages, for example notifications, reports, etc.