Deployment steps - Windows

1.Make sure all prerequisites are met:
ERA Server and the ERA Web Console are installed (on a Server computer).
An Agent certificate is created and prepared on your local drive.
A Certification Authority is prepared on your local drive.
The Server computer must be accessible from the network.

icon_details_hoverNOTE: Should you experience problems when deploying ERA Agent remotely - the Server task Agent deployment ends with status Failed - see the Troubleshooting guide.

2.Double-click the installation package to begin installation.
3.Enter a Server host (hostname/ip address) and a Server port (by default 2222) in the appropriate fields. These are used for connection to the ERA Server.
4.Select a peer certificate and a password for this certificate. Optionally, you can add a certification authority. This is only required for unsigned certificates.
5.Select a folder where the ERA Agent will be installed, or leave the pre-defined folder selected.
6.Click Install. The ERA Agent will be installed on your computer.

icon_details_hoverNOTE: If a detailed log from the installation is required, the user must start the installation through the msiexec program, and supply the needed parameters:

msiexec /i program_installer.msi /lv* c:\temp\installer_log.txt

The folder c:\temp\ must exist prior to executing this command.
You can check the status log on the client machine C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\Logs\status.html to make sure ERA Agent is working properly.