Computer details

Select a computer in Static or Dynamic Group and click Details to view more information about that computer.


The Computer details menu contains the following settings:

Basic - you can change the computer's Name, description and parent group.
Configuration - displays the entire configuration, connection and applied policies for this computer.
SysInspector - displays log / output, you need to run SysInspector log request Client Task to see the output.
Task Executions - Occurred, Task Name, Task Type, Status
Installed Applications - Name, Version, Size, Agent supports uninstall, etc.
Alerts - Problem, Status, Severity, Occurred, etc.
Threats and Quarantine - All Threat Types, Computer Muted, Threat resolved, Cause, Threat Name, Type, Object Name, Hash, etc.

Tasks button actions

After selecting a computer or set of computers and clicking Tasks, the following options will be available:

icon_search Scan

Using this option will run the On Demand Scan task on the client that reported the threat.

icon_reload Update Virus DB

Using this option will run the Virus Signature Database Update task (triggers an update manually).

icon_mobile Mobile

Enroll... - with this option, you can create a new client task.
Find - if you want to request the GPS coordinates of your mobile device.
Lock - device will be locked when suspicious activity is detected or the device is marked as missing.
Unlock - device will be unlocked.
Siren - triggers a loud siren remotely, the siren will start even if your device is set to mute.
Wipe - all data stored in your device will be permanently erased.


If you select a computer and press Reboot or Shutdown, the device will be rebooted or shutdown.

icon_plus New task...

Select a task and configure throttling (optional) for this task. The task will be queued according to the task settings.
This option immediately triggers an existing task from the list of available tasks. The trigger is not available for this task because it will be executed immediately.