Device Enrollment iOS

To enroll an iOS mobile device in ERA, follow these steps:

icon_section Basic

Enter a task Name and Description (optional).

icon_section Mobile Device Connector

Select the machine where Mobile Device Connector is installed. An enrollment link (URL) will be displayed automatically. If no links are displayed after clicking Select, make sure that the Mobile Device Connector server is accessible. If you do not have Mobile Device Connector installed yet, refer to the Mobile Device Connector installation - Windows or Linux chapters of this guide for installation instructions.

icon_section Settings

Type the Name of the mobile device (this name will be shown in the list of Computers), and optionally a Description.

Enter the Serial Number for the particular mobile device you want to add. We also recommend that you enter the Email address that is associated with the mobile device (the enrollment link will be sent to this email address).

Click + Add Another if you want to add another mobile device, you can add multiple devices at the same time. Alternatively, click Import to upload a .csv file containing a list of mobiles to add. Click Browse Existing and select existing mobile devices.

Specify an Action by selecting the check box next to Display enrollment link and/or Send enrollment link (the URL will be sent to the email address(es) associated with the device). If you want to send an enrollment link (recommended) to the mobile device, you can edit the Subject and Message contents, but make sure to keep the enrollment URL unchanged.


icon_section Summary

All configured options are displayed here. Review the settings and click Finish if they are ok. The task is now created and ready to be used.

After you click Finish, the enrollment link (URL) will be displayed. If you do not specify an email address and did not select Send enrollment link, you must either type the URL into the web browser on the mobile device manually, or send this URL to the mobile device by other means. Alternatively, you can use a QR code.


Click Install to continue at the MDM Enrollment Install Profile screen.


Tap Trust to allow installation of the new profile.


After installing the new profile, the Signed by field will display that the profile is Not Signed. This is a standard behavior for any MDM enrollment. The profile is actually signed with a certificate, despite this it is shown as "not signed". This is because iOS does not yet recognize the certificate.


This enrollment profile allows you to configure devices and set security policies for users or groups.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT: Removing this enrollment profile removes all company settings (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, etc.) and the iOS mobile device will not be managed. If a user removes the enrollment profile, ERA will not be aware of this and the device's status will change to validation-status-icon-warning and later to validation-status-icon-error. This will happen after 14 days because iOS mobile device is not connecting. No other indication that the enrollment profile has been removed will be given.