Add Computers

This feature allows you to manually add Computers or Mobile devices that are not found or added automatically. Click the Computers tab, select a Static group and then click Add New select Computers.


Type the name of the computer you want to add into the Name field. Use the Conflict Resolution drop-down menu to select the action to take if a computer you are adding already exists in ERA:

oAsk when conflicts are detected: When a conflict is detected, the program will ask you to select an action (see the options below).
oSkip conflicting computers: Duplicate computers will not be added.
oMove conflicting computers from other groups: Conflicting computers will be moved from their original groups to the All group.
oDuplicate conflicting computers: New computers will be added, but with different names.


oClick + Add Another to add additional computers. Alternatively, click Import to upload a .csv file containing a list of computers to add. Optionally, you can enter a Description of the computers. Click Add when you are finished making changes.

icon_details_hoverNOTE: Adding multiple computers may take a longer time, reverse DNS lookup may be preformed.

Computers can be viewed in the list on the right when you select the group they belong to. Once the computer is added, a pop-up window will open with the option to Deploy Agent.

Choose the deployment type you want to use from the available options: