Failover Cluster - Windows

Below are the high-level steps required to install ESET Remote Administrator in a Failover Cluster environment:

1.Create a Failover Cluster. It should have a shared disk, IP address and a cluster name.
a.Instructions to create a failover cluster in Windows Server 2012
b.Instructions to create a failover cluster in Windows Server 2008
2.Install ERA Server and ERA Agent on the active node. Choose the shared disk as application data storage.
3.Change the active node, and repeat step 2.
4.In the cluster configuration manager create 2 cluster services: ERA Agent and ERA Server.
5.Set the appropriate dependencies: the services should start after the resources from step 1 are initialized. Also, ERA Agent should be dependent on ERA Server.
6.The Database and Web Server are not supported on a cluster.

NOTE: It is not possible to install ERA Server on a Failover Cluster via ERA Installer. To install ESET Remote Administrator on a Failover Cluster perform a component installation.