Installation process

ESET Remote Administrator installation can be performed in a few different ways. Choose the type of installation that best suits your needs and environment. The simplest method, ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) installer (All-in-one package installation) allows you to install ESET Remote Administrator and its components on a single machine. Component installation allows for the installation of different components of ESET Remote Administrator on different machines. This gives you more freedom to customize your installation - you can install each component on any machine you want, provided that it meets system requirements. Deployment to a Virtual Appliance is available for users who want to run ERA in a virtualized environment.

The ESET Remote Administrator installers are available in different forms. They are available in the download section of the ESET website under Remote Management (click the + sign to expand the category). Here, you can download the following:

The ERA Installer package in a zipped form
Separate installers for each component
Virtual appliance (OVA file)
An ISO image that contains all installers of ESET Remote Administrator (except Virtual appliance)

To install ESET Remote Administrator, follow these steps:

1.Make sure that all Requirements are satisfied.
2.Choose either Package installation (All-in-one ERA installer) or Component installation on your Windows or Linux operating system. Alternatively, you can use Virtual appliance by deploying OVA file.
3.Download appropriate installer, either installer package for package installation, or separate installers for each component you plan to install. You can also download virtual appliance OVA file or an ISO image that contains all installers of ESET Remote Administrator.
4.Perform the installation according to the installation instructions that are covered in next chapters.
5.If necessary, install optional components (ERA Proxy server, RD Sensor, Mobile Device Connector)

Once you finish the installation process, you can connect to the ERA Server using the ERA Web Console and take the first steps to configure it in order to start using ESET Remote Administrator.