Q: Why are we installing Java on a server? Doesn’t this create a security risk?

A: ERA Web Console requires Java to function. Java is an industry standard for web-based consoles. Although ERA Web Console requires at least Java version 7, we strongly recommend that you use the latest officially released version of Java.

Q: The following error message is continuously logged in ESET Rogue Detector's trace.log: 2015-02-25 18:55:04 Information: CPCAPDeviceSniffer [Thread 764]: CPCAPDeviceSniffer on rpcap://\Device\NPF_{2BDB8A61-FFDA-42FC-A883-CDAF6D129C6B} throwed error: Device open failed with error:Error opening adapter: The system cannot find the device specified. (20)

A: This is a problem with WinPcap, stop the ESET Rogue Detector Sensor service, reinstall the latest version of WinPcap (at least 4.1.0) and restart the ESET Rogue Detector Sensor service.

Q: How do I determine which port is being used  by SQL Server?

A: There are multiple ways to determine the port used by SQL Server. You can get the most accurate result via SQL Server Configuration Manager. See the figure below for an example of where to locate this information in SQL configuration manager:


Q: After installing SQL Express 2008 (included in ERA package) on Windows Server 2012 it doesn’t appear to be listening on a standard SQL port.

A: It is most likely listening to a port other than the default, port 1433.

Q: How do I configure MySQL to accept large packet size?

A: Locate your MySQL configuration file (my.ini for Windows and my.cnf for Linux, the exact location of the .ini file might differ from one operating system to another), open this file and find the section [mysqld]. Add a new line max_allowed_packet=33M (value must be at least 33M or greater).

Q: If I install SQL myself, how should I create a database for ERA?

A: You don’t have to. A database is created by the Server.msi installer, not by ERA Installer. The ERA Installer is included to simplify steps for you, it installs SQL Server and the database is created by the server.msi installer.

Q: Can ERA installer create a new database for me in an existing SQL Server installation, if I give it the proper SQL Server connection details and credentials? It would be convenient if the installer supported different versions of SQL Server (2008, 2014, etc.)

A: Database is created by Server.msi, so yes it can create an ERA database for you on individually installed SQL Server instances. And yes, the supported versions of SQL Server are 2008, 2012, 2014.

Q: Why is SQL version 2008 R2 used in ERA Installer?

A: SQL version 2008 R2 is used because Microsoft declares compatibility for this database type on Windows XP and later operating systems.

Q: What do I do when I get an error code: -2068052081 during MSSQL installation?

A: Restart your computer and run setup again. If the issue persists, uninstall SQL Server Native Client and run installation again. If this does not resolve the issue, uninstall all Microsoft SQL Server products, restart your computer and then run installation again.

Q: What do I do when I get an error code: -2067922943 during MSSQL installation?

A: Make sure your system meets the database requirements for ERA.

Q: If installing on an existing SQL Server, should the SQL Server use built-in Windows Authentication mode by default?

A: No, because Windows Authentication mode can be disabled on SQL Server and the only way to log in is to use SQL Server Authentication (entering a username and password). You need to use either SQL Server Authentication or Mixed Mode. When manually installing SQL Server, we recommend that you create a root password for SQL Server (root user is named “sa”, which stands for security admin) and store it for later in a safe place. The Root password may be needed when upgrading ERA Server.

Q: I had to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 as ERA Installer pointed me to (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=21), but that didn't work on a fresh installation of Windows Server 2012 R2 with SP1.

A: This installer cannot be used on Windows Server 2012 because of the security policy on Windows Server 2012. Microsoft .NET Framework must be installed via the Roles and Features Wizard.

Q: Microsoft .NET 4.5 framework was already installed on my system. I had to use the Roles and Features Wizard to add .NET 3.5. Why doesn't ESET Remote Administrator support .NET 4.5?

A: Because .NET 4.5 is not backwards compatible with .NET 3.5, which is a prerequisite of SQL Server installer.

Q: It is very difficult to tell whether SQL Server installation is running. How can I tell what is happening if the installation takes more than 10 minutes?

A: SQL Server installation can, in rare cases, take up to 1 hour. Install times depend on system performance.

Q: How do I reset the Administrator password for Web Console (entered during set up)?

A: It is possible to reset the password by running the server installer and choosing Repair. Note that you may require the password for the ERA database if you did not use Windows Authentication during creation of the database.

NOTE: Please be careful, some of the repair options can potentially remove stored data.

Q: When importing a file containing a list of computers to add to ERA, what is the format required for the file?

A: File with following lines:

All is the required name of root group.