License Management

ESET Remote Administrator from version 6 uses a completely new ESET licensing system.

The username and the password are replaced by a License Key/Public ID - a License Key is a unique string which is used to identify the license owner and the activation itself. The Public ID is a short string used to identify the license by a 3rd party (for example, the Security Admin responsible for the Unit distribution).

A Security Admin is a person who manages the licenses and can be different from the actual License Owner. The license owner can delegate a license to a security admin (authorize him) and if he accepts, he can manage it (make changes, associate units, etc.). A security admin can use the license to activate ESET products (associate a unit).

Licenses can be managed either from this section, or online by clicking either Open ELA (ESET License Administrator) or using the ESET License Administrator web interface (see the Security Admin section).


The License Management section in ESET Remote Administrator 6 is accessible from the main menu under Admin > License Management.

Licenses can be distributed to ESET security products from ERA using two tasks:

The Software installation task
The Product activation task

Licenses are uniquely identified by their public ID. Each license displays:

the security Product name for which its license is intended
the overall Status of the license (if the license is expired, overused, or at risk of expiration or overuse, a warning message will be displayed here)
the number of Units that can be activated with this license
the license expiration date
the license Owner name and Contact.


Synchronize licenses

License synchronization with ESET License Administrator happens automatically once a day. If you make changes in ESET License Administrator and want current license information to appear in ERA right away instead of waiting for next automatic synchronization, click Synchronize licenses button.

Add License or License key

Click Add Licenses and then select the method you want to use to add your new license(s):

1.License Key - Enter a license key for a valid license and click Add License. The license key will be verified against the activation server and added to the list.
2.Security Admin Credentials - Connect a security admin account and all its licenses to the License Management section.
3.License File - Add a license file (.lf) and click Add License. The license file will be verified and the license added to the list.

Remove Licenses

Select a license from the list above and click this option to remove it completely. You will be asked to confirm this action. Removal of the license does not trigger deactivation of the product. ESET product remains activated even when license has been deleted in ERA License Management.