Program Controls

This section contains the description of all program controls available in ESET SysInspector.


By clicking File you can store your current system status for later investigation or open a previously stored log. For publishing purposes we recommend that you generate a log Suitable for sending. In this form, the log omits sensitive information (current user name, computer name, domain name, current user privileges, environment variables, etc.).

NOTE: You may open previously stored ESET SysInspector reports by simply dragging and dropping them into the Main window.


Enables you to expand or close all nodes and export selected sections to Service script.


Contains functions for easier navigation within the program and various other functions like finding information online.


Contains information about the application and its functions.


This setting influences the information displayed in the Main window to make the information easier to work with. In "Basic" mode, you have access to information used to find solutions for common problems in your system. In the "Medium" mode, the program displays less used details. In "Full" mode, ESET SysInspector displays all the information needed to solve very specific problems.

Item filtering

Item filtering is best used to find suspicious files or registry entries in your system. By adjusting the slider, you can filter items by their Risk Level. If the slider is set all the way to the left (Risk Level 1), then all items are displayed. By moving the slider to the right, the program filters out all items less risky than current Risk Level and only display items which are more suspicious than the displayed level. With the slider all the way to the right, the program displays only known harmful items.

All items labeled as risk 6 to 9 can pose security risk. If you are not using a security solution from ESET, we recommend that you scan your system with ESET Online Scanner if ESET SysInspector has found any such item. ESET Online Scanner is a free service.

NOTE: The Risk level of an item can be quickly determined by comparing the color of the item with the color on the Risk Level slider.


Search can be used to quickly find a specific item by its name or part of its name. The results of the search request are displayed in the Description window.


By clicking the back or forward arrow, you may return to previously displayed information in the Description window. You may use the backspace and space keys instead of clicking back and forward.

Status section

Displays the current node in Navigation window.

Important: Items highlighted in red are unknown, which is why the program marks them as potentially dangerous. If an item is in red, it does not automatically mean that you can delete the file. Before deleting, please make sure that files are really dangerous or unnecessary.