Removing existing profiles

Occasionally you may come across duplicate profiles (either update or scan profiles) that were created by mistake. To remove those profiles remotely without damaging other settings in the Scheduler, follow the steps below:

From ERAC, click the Clients tab and then double-click a problematic client.

From the Client Properties window, click the Configuration tab. Select the Then Run ESET Configuration Editor to edit the file and Use the downloaded configuration in the new configuration task options and then click the New Task button.

In the new task wizard, click Edit.

In the Configuration Editor, press CTRL + D to deselect (grey) all settings. This helps prevent accidental changes, as any new changes will stand out in blue.

Right-click on the profile you wish to remove and select Mark profile for deletion from the context menu. The profile will be deleted as soon as the task is delivered to clients.


Click the Console button in the ESET Configuration Editor and save the settings.

Verify that the client you selected is in the Selected items column on the right. Click Next and then click Finish.