Software and database requirements

ERA Server

32-bit operating systems:

Windows 2000 and later (see the Note)

64-bit operating systems:

Windows XP and later


Microsoft Access (built-in)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later

MySQL 5.0 and later

ORACLE 9i and later

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Windows Installer:

2.0 and later

Web Dashboard:

Internet Explorer 7.0 and later

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and later

Google Chrome 9 and later

HTTP Server:

Same as ERA Server requirements, but it requires SP2 and later on Windows XP


IPv4 is fully supported

IPv6 is supported from Windows Vista and later

ERA Console

32 bit operating systems:

Windows 2000 and later (see the Note)

64 bit operating systems:

Windows XP and later

Windows Installer:

2.0 and later

Internet Explorer:

7.0 and later


ERA Console is not supported on Microsoft Windows Server Core 2008 and Microsoft Windows Server Core 2012. ERA Server is supported on these operating systems, but will not support integration with Microsoft Access Database.

To start the ERA Console, ESET Configuration Editor and the ERA Maintenance Tool on Windows 2000, the gdiplus.dll file must be present on your system. Click here to download this file. Extract the file from the installation package and copy it to the directory C:\WINNT\system32\.

The HTTPS Server role is not supported on Windows 2000, so the Dashboard and Mirror functions will not function in HTTPS mode on this operating system. To use the Dashboard feature on a Windows 2000 server, edit your settings so that the Dashboard no longer defaults to run in HTTPS mode.

Remote installation for Linux/MAC Security products and some RDP/Shutdown Console Actions functions are not supported on Windows 2000.

Some operating systems will require you to update trusted root certificates before a successful push installation can be performed. You can update these certificates by running the Windows Update service or by manually importing the latest versions.

If you use an administrator account to configure SMTP access in Tools > Server OptionsOther settings (for IIS or Exchange), outgoing email may not work.

Some functions (RDP, Shutdown) from Network Actions are not available on Windows 2000.