Example report scenario

To maintain your clients’ network security at the top level, you will need to have a good overview of the network’s security status. You can easily create reports with full details about threats, updates, client product versions, etc. (for more information, see the Reports section). Typically, a weekly report will provide all the necessary information. However, there may be situations during which additional vigilance is necessary, as in the event of a found threat.

To provide an example, we will create a parametric group called Quarantine. This group will contain only computers in which a threat was detected and cleaned during the most recent on-demand scan. Set this condition by selecting the checkbox next to HAS Last Scan Found Threat. To create this parametric group, follow the instructions in the Parametric Groups section.

NOTE: When creating the Quarantine group, verify that the Sticky option is disabled. This ensures that the computer will be assigned dynamically and removed once the conditions are no longer met.

Create the Quarantine Computers report. To create a report for this parametric group, follow the instructions in the Reports section.

The specific settings for our example are as follows:

Options section settings:


Quarantine Report with Details


Blue Scheme

Target clients:

Only Selected Groups



Interval wildcard settings:



Scheduler wildcard settings:




1 day

TIP: You can store results to the report database or set a folder where report copies will be stored. Reports can also be sent via email. All these setting are available after clicking Select Target…

Generated reports can be reviewed in the Generated Reports wildcard in the Reports section.

Summary: We created the parametric group Quarantine, containing computers on which a threat was reported during the most recent on-demand scan. Next, we created an automated report that will inform us, daily, what computers belong to the Quarantine group, giving us a good overview of the status of our client network so we can keep potential threats under control.

TIP: If you want to see the last scan log details, you can use the Scan Report with Details report type.