Remote Installation

Remote Installation eliminates the need to pre-install or physically install security products on client computers. ERA offers several methods of remote installation.

Remote installation by means of ERA consists of the following steps:

Creation of installation packages

 First, check the requirements for remote installation.

 Then, create installation packages which are distributed to the clients.

Distribution of packages to client workstations (push installation method, logon script, email, upgrade, external solution):

 Check/configure your network environment for remote installation.

 Distribute the installation packages to clients. There are several methods of remote installation:

          Remote Push Install. This is the most effective method to distribute security products to your clients.

         You can also perform a logon /email remote install.

         If you do not want to use either of the methods above, you can perform a custom remote install.

If some clients have older ESET security products installed you can upgrade them to the latest version, see the chapter upgrade the client. If they have the latest version see the chapter avoiding repeated installations. To install packages in a large enterprise environment you can see the following chapter.