Program architecture

Technically, ESET Remote Administrator consists of two separate components: ERA Server (ERAS) and ERA Console (ERAC). You can run an unlimited number of ERA Servers and Consoles on your network as there are no limitations in the license agreement for their use. The only limitation is the total number of clients your installation of ERA can administer.

ERA Server (ERAS)

The server component of ERA runs as a service under the following Microsoft Windows® NT-based operating systems. The main task of this service is to collect information from clients and to send them various requests. These requests, including configuration tasks, remote installation requests, etc., are created through the ERA Console (ERAC). ERAS is a meeting point between ERAC and client computers – a place where all information is processed, maintained or modified before being transferred to clients or to ERAC.

ERA Console (ERAC)

ERAC is the client component of ERA and is usually installed on a workstation. This workstation is used by the administrator to remotely control ESET solutions on individual clients. Using ERAC, the administrator can connect to the server component of ERA – on TCP port 2223. The communication is controlled by the process console.exe, which is usually located in the following directory:

%ProgramFiles%\ESET\ESET Remote Administrator\Console

When installing ERAC, you may need to enter the name of an ERAS. Upon startup, the console will automatically connect to this server. ERAC can also be configured after installation.