Manual assigning

There are two ways to manually assign policies: Right-click a client in the Clients pane and select Set Policy from the context menu, or click Add Clients > Add/Remove in the Policy Manager.

Clicking Add Clients in the Policy Manager opens the Set/Remove dialog window. Clients are listed on the left in the format Server/Client. If the Down replicable policy is selected, the window will also list clients replicated from lower servers. Select clients to receive the policy by using the drag-and-drop method or clicking >> to move them to Selected items. Newly selected clients will have a yellow asterisk and can still be removed from Selected items by clicking the << or C button. Click OK to confirm the selection.

NOTE: After confirming, if you reopen the Set/Remove dialog window, clients cannot be removed from Selected items, you can only replace the policy.

You can also add clients using the Add Special feature, which can add all clients at once, add selected clients or add clients from selected servers or groups.