Viewing policies

Policies in the Policy Tree structure can be viewed directly in the Configuration Editor by clicking View Policy > View... or View Merged....

View Merged – Displays the merged policy created as a result of inheritance (the process of inheriting applies settings from the parent policy). This option is displayed by default, because the current policy is already a merged policy.

View – Displays the original policy before it was merged with a parent policy.

On lower servers, the following options are available for policies inherited from upper servers:

View Merged – Same as above.

View Override Part – This button applies for policies with the attribute Override any child policy. This option only shows the forced part of the policy – i.e. the one which has priority over other settings in child policies.

View Non-force part – Has opposite effect of View Override Part – only displays active items, to which Override… is not applied.

NOTE: You can double-click on a policy tree item to view merged.