Database Restore

This task allows you to restore the database from a backup file. The settings in the first window are similar to those in the database conversion (see chapter Database Transfer); in this window the database type is selected.

For all database types besides MS Access database select whether to create the database tables automatically (Create tables in the database automatically) or insert the tables into the database later (View Script > Save to File) in the next step. For an MS SQL database the Create a new database ESETRADB automatically option automatically creates a new MS SQL database named ESETRADB. The final step is to confirm the database restore.

Select the file from which the database is to be restored in the next step. Optional parameters in the lower part of the window enable you to import a file from a different database type as selected in the previous step (Allow import from a different type of database) as well as to stop ESET Remote Administrator Server during database restore (Stop server during processing task). Click Next to confirm the task execution.