Database types supported by ERA Server

By default, the program uses the Microsoft Access (Jet Database) engine. ERAS 5 also supports the following databases:

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later

MySQL 5.0 and later

Oracle 9i and later

The database type can be selected during Advanced installation of ERAS. After installation it is not possible to change the database type directly from ERA, however you can do so using the ERA Maintenance Tool.


Microsoft Access database is not supported on Windows Server Core 2008 and Windows Server Core 2012.

SQL Server Express has a 4 GB database size limit.

Microsoft Access database has 2 GB database size limit.

When using MySQL on Microsoft Windows 2000, we recommend that you use ODBC Driver 5.1.8 or later to establish a database connection.

In case of MySQL ERAS uses MyISAM DB engine by default. If someone prefers InnoDB to MyISAM, he can change the database creation script during the Advanced Installation of ERAS.