Basic requirements

First, it is necessary to create the database on a database server. The ERAS installer is capable of creating an empty MySQL database, which is automatically named ESETRADB.

By default, the installer automatically creates a new database. To create the database manually, select Export Script. Make sure that the Create tables in the new database automatically option is deselected.

Collation Settings

Sorting will be realized according to the default settings of each database. It is required to activate CASE INSENSIVITY (CI).

To activate:

- For MS SQL and MySQL a COLLATE must be set up with the CI activated
- For ORACLE a NLS_SORT must be set up with the CI activated
- For MS Access no action is required because CI is already activated

Character set

It is important to use the UNICODE character set (UTF-8 is recommended), especially when clients have specific locales or if ERA itself is working in a localized version. If there is no plan for replication and all clients connect to the same server, you can use the character set for the locale of ERA that you want to install.


We recommend that you use default database authentication. When using Windows/domain authentication, verify whether your account has enough rights to connect to a database. When using Microsoft SQL Server, use the DSN connection string format.

MARS (Multiple Active Result Sets)

If a MS SQL database is used, an ODBC driver with MARS support is required for smooth operation. Otherwise the server will operate less effectively and log the following error message to the server log:

Database connection problem. It is strongly recommended to use odbc driver that supports multiple active result sets (MARS). The server will continue to run but the database communication may be slower. See the documentation or contact ESET support for more information.

If the problem occurs with other than a MS SQL database the server logs the following message to the server log and stops:

Database connection problem. Updating the odbc driver may help. You can also contact ESET support for more information.

Drivers without MARS support:

SQLSRV32.DLL (2000.85.1117.00)

SQLSRV32.DLL (6.0.6001.18000) - natively contained in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

Native driver with MARS support:

SQLNCLI.DLL (2005.90.1399.00)