Installation over previous versions

ESET Remote Administrator 5.3 supports installation over previous versions, including data migration. You do not need to perform migration from ESET Remote Administrator version 5.0. Migration of ESET Remote Administrator 4.x data is possible, but no longer supported.

NOTE: We recommend that you only reinstall when no clients are connected because the ERA Server Service is stopped and all connections are terminated during the reinstallation process. Database migration can be performed before or after reinstallation (see the chapter Database Transfer for more information).

Installation of ERA Server

1.Download the installation file to your server. Double-click the installer file to begin installation.

2.Select Typical or Advanced installation, similar to a clean installation of ERA Server.

Typical installation - You will be prompted for your license key file (*.lic), passwords and update data. There are two migration modes: Import only configuration mode creates empty tables in a new database; Full import mode imports all data from the database. Selecting Create backup of current database (default) will create a backup before making any changes to the database. Activate default automatic clean up for old records can be selected to improve database maintenance.

Advanced installation - You will be prompted for your license key file (*.lic), the account used to run the ERA Server service, ports used for communication, passwords and update data, SMTP Server settings (optional), logging settings and database migration settings (described under Typical installation above). During advanced installation, you will be asked if you want to migrate older policies (Windows desktop v3 and v4) to new (Windows desktop v5) policies. The migration is performed using default settings, so if you want to configure the migration, we recommend using the Policy Migration Wizard after your upgrade is complete.

NOTE: If the installer finds any existing tables in the current database, a prompt will be displayed. To overwrite the contents of an existing table, click Overwrite (Warning: this will delete the contents of tables and overwrite their structure!). Click Ignore to leave tables untouched. Clicking Ignore may cause database inconsistency errors, especially when tables are damaged or incompatible with the current version.

If you want to analyze the current database manually, click Cancel to abort the installation of ERAS.

Installation of ERA Console

1.Download the installation file to your server. Double-click the installation file to begin installation.

2.Proceed as described in the chapter Installation of ERA Console.