ERA Console - main window


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The current communication status between ERAC and ERAS is displayed in the status bar (1). All necessary data from ERAS is refreshed regularly (Default is every minute. See Tools > Console Options > Other Settings > Use automatic refresh (min). The refresh progress can also be seen in the status bar.

NOTE: Press F5 to refresh displayed data.

Information is divided into several tabs in order of importance (2). Most of the information on tabs is related to the connected clients. In most cases data can be sorted in ascending or in descending order by clicking on an attribute (5), while a drag-and-drop operation can be used for reorganization. If multiple data rows are to be processed, you can limit them by using the Items to show drop-down menu and the browse page by page buttons. Select the View mode to display attributes according to your need (for further details, see chapter Information filtering. If you need to print certain information from the tabs, see the chapter Page Setup for more information.

The Server section (4) is important if you replicate ERA Servers. This section displays summary information about the Console to which ERAS is connected, as well as information about child or ”lower” ERA Servers. The Servers drop-down menu in section 4 will influence the scope of information displayed in section 5.

Use All Servers - Displays information from all ERA Servers – section (5).

Use Only Selected Servers - Displays information from selected ERA Servers – section (5).

Exclude Selected Servers - Excludes information from selected ERA Servers.

Columns in Section  4:

Server Name - Displays name of server.

Clients - Total number of clients connecting to or in the database of the selected ERAS.

Virus Signature DB Range - Version of virus signature databases among the clients of the selected ERAS.

Least Recent Connection - Time elapsed since the least recent connection to the server.

Last Threat Alerts - Total number of virus alerts (see the attribute Last Threat Alert in section 5).

Last Firewall Alerts - The total number of firewall alerts.

Last Event Warnings - Total number of current events (see the attribute Last Event in section 5).

If you are not currently connected, you can right-click in the Server section (4) and select Connect to This Server to connect to the chosen ERAS. More information will be displayed in the Server section (4) if replication is enabled.

The most important features of ERAC are accessible from the main menu or from the ERAC toolbar (3).

The last section is Computer filter criteria (6) – see the chapter titled Information filtering.

NOTE: We strongly recommend using the Context menu to administer clients and filter information. It is a quick way to run tasks, manage groups and policies, filter data and more.