Detailed information from clients

ERA allows you to extract information about running processes, startup programs, etc. from client workstations. This information can be retrieved using the integrated ESET SysInspector tool, which is integrated directly with ERAS. Along with other useful functions, ESET SysInspector thoroughly examines the operating system and creates system logs. To open it, click Tools > ESET SysInspector from the ERAC main menu.

If there are problems with a specific client, you can request an ESET SysInspector log from that client. To do so, right-click the client in the Clients pane and select Request data – Request SysInspector Information. Logs can only be obtained from generation 4.x products and later; earlier versions do not support this feature. A window with the following options will appear:

Create snapshot (remember resulting log also on the client) – Saves a copy of the log to the client computer.

Include comparison to the last snapshot before specified time – Displays a comparative log, comparative logs are created by merging the current log with a previous log if available. ERA will choose the first log that is older than the specified date.

Click OK to obtain the selected logs and save them to the server. To open and view the logs, proceed as follows:

ESET SysInspector options for individual client workstations can be found in the Client PropertiesSysInspector tab. The window is divided into three sections; the top section shows text information about the most recent logs from the given client. Click Refresh to load the most current information.

The middle section of the Request Options window is almost identical to the window which appears in the above described process of requesting logs from client workstations. The Request button is used to get an ESET SysInspector log from the client.

The bottom section is comprised of these buttons:

View – Opens the log listed in the top section directly in ESET SysInspector.

Save As… – Saves the current log to a file. Then Run ESET SysInspector Viewer to view this file option automatically opens the log after it is saved (as it would after clicking View).

Generating and displaying new log files can sometimes be slowed by the local client, due to the size of the log and data transfer speed. The date and time assigned to a log in Client Properties > SysInspector marks the date and time of delivery to the server.