Configuration layering

If a value is changed in the Configuration Editor, the change is marked by a blue symbol Obraz20280. Any entry with the grey icon Obraz20286 has not been changed and will not be written to the .xml output configuration.

When applying a configuration to clients, only modifications which have been saved to the .xml output configuration file will be applied (Obraz20280) All other items (Obraz20286) will remain unchanged. This behavior allows for gradual application of several different configurations without undoing previous modifications.

An example is shown in the figure below. In this configuration the username EAV-12345678 and password are inserted and using a proxy server is prohibited.


The second configuration (shown in the figure below) sent to clients will ensure that previous modifications are preserved, including the username EAV−12345678 and password. This configuration will also allow the use of a proxy server and defines its address and port.