Command Line Interface

ESET Remote Administrator Maintenance Tool (ERAtool.exe) can also work as a command line tool, integrating into scripts. When the tool is run, it parses the parameters, executing each action in the specified order. If no arguments are given, the interactive wizard is run instead.

The following commands are supported:

/startserver or /startservice – starts the ESET Remote Administrator Server service

/stopserver or /stopservice – stops the ESET Remote Administrator Server service

/gui – launch the interactive wizard after finishing all tasks

Any parameter that doesn’t start with a slash is interpreted as a filename of the configuration script that should be executed. Configuration scripts are created by saving settings in the interactive wizard.

NOTE: ERAtool.exe requires elevated administrator rights; if the script that calls ERAtool.exe doesn’t have the rights necessary, Windows may display an interactive prompt for elevation or run the tool in a separate console process (losing the tool output).