Cluster Mode Installation

The Advanced installation scenario also allows you to activate the Cluster Mode Installation. If the Cluster Mode Installation is enabled you will need to specify the path to a cluster shared data folder that is fully accessible for all cluster nodes (i.e. all nodes must have read/write permissions for this folder). It can either be a quorum disk or a UNC shared folder. If a shared folder is used, you must enable sharing for Computers in the shared folder's properties. The cluster node name must then be added to Share Permissions with full rights.

NOTE: We do not recommend using an IP Address when defining a shared folder for the cluster.

It is necessary to install ERA Server individually on all cluster nodes. After each ERA Server installation, the ERA Service auto startup needs to be changed to manual. When the ERA Server is installed on all nodes, create the generic service (era_server). The generic service should be dependent of the network name resource in the Cluster administrator.

If anything other than the built-in MS Access database is used, it is important to make sure that all ERA Server nodes connect to the same database. In the next steps it is also important to set the name of the cluster node where ERA is to be installed as the server name.

Important: It is necessary to configure the ESET Remote Administrator Server service (ERA_SERVER) as the cluster's Generic Service in the Cluster Administrator console.


If you plan to uninstall ERA Server, the cluster group must be online in order for the uninstall process to proceed:

1)  Break the cluster by bringing down one of the nodes.

2) Let failover complete to make sure the other node(s) are working.

3) Uninstall ESET Remote Administrator from the disabled node.

4) Restart the node.

5) Relink the node.

6) Repeat the steps above for any additional node(s) in the cluster.

Upgrading ERA installed in cluster mode

By Cluster Mode reinstallation, it is neccessary to take the cluster ERA service group offline by selecting Take Offline in the Cluster Administrator console. Then reinstall ERA on all cluster nodes and bring cluster ERA service group online again.