Avoiding repeated installations

Immediately after the agent successfully completes the remote installation process, it marks the remote client with a flag prohibiting repeated installations of the same installation package. The flag is written to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ESET\ESET Remote Installer

If the Type and Name of the package defined in the einstaller.exe agent match the data in the registry, the installation will not be performed. This prevents repeated installations from targeting the same workstations.

NOTE: The remote push install method ignores this registry key.

ERAS provides an additional feature to prevent repeated installations that activates when the installer establishes backward connection to ERAS (TCP 2224). If the installation has been successfully completed any additional installation attempts will be denied.

The agent records the following error to the installer log located in %TEMP%\einstaller.log:

Eset Installer was told to quit by the server ‘X:2224’.


To prevent repeated installations from being denied by ERAS the related entries in the Remote Install Task details tab must be removed. To delete an entry, select it, click on the Delete button and confirm by pressing Yes.