ESET Antivirus

For creating the ESET SysRescue CD, you can select two sources of ESET files to be used by the compiler.

ESS/EAV folder – Files already contained in the folder to which the ESET Security solution is installed on the computer.

MSI file – Files contained in the MSI installer are used.

Next, you can choose to update the location of (.nup) files. Normally, the default option ESS/EAV folder/MSI file should be set. In some cases, a custom Update folder can be chosen, e.g., to use an older or newer virus signature database version.

You can use one of the following two sources of username and password:

Installed ESS/EAV – Username and password will be copied from the currently installed ESET Security solution.

From user – Username and password entered in the corresponding text boxes will be used.

NOTE: ESET Security solution on the ESET SysRescue CD is updated either from the Internet or from the ESET Security solution installed on the computer on which the ESET SysRescue CD is run.