Rollback Virus Database

If you suspect that a new update of the virus database may be unstable or corrupt, you can rollback to the previous version and disable any updates for a chosen period of time. Alternatively, you can enable previously disabled updates.

Warning: Due to a critical bug causing blue screen errors, make sure you apply the Rollback Virus Database Task to ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security version at least 5.0.2225.0 and newer.

1)Disable/Enable virus database updates

Disable for X hours – The virus database of the client(s) will be rolled back to the previous versions (based on a client-created snapshot) and any update for the selected client(s) will be disabled for the selected time period. You can also select Infinite and disable updates completely. Use caution when disabling database updates completely, as this is a potential security risk.

Warning: The option Infinite remains active even after a client computer restart.

Enable previously disabled updates – Updating of the virus database will be enabled again.

2)Select the clients for this task and click Next.

3)Review your settings in the Task Report window, enter a name for your task, specify the time you would like to apply the task (and cleanup options if desired), and then click Finish to confirm. See chapter Tasks for more details.