Client workstations that are correctly connected to ERAS and displayed in ERAC can be configured and administered using various types of tasks.

Stage I - New Task.

1)To apply a task to one or more client workstations, select and right-click the workstations in the Clients pane to open the Context menu.

2)Click New Task and select the type of task you want to perform.

NOTE: Alternatively, the task wizard can be opened from the ERAC main menu by clicking Actions > New Task.

Stage II - Select one of the following tasks:

Configuration Task

On-demand Scan (Cleaning Disabled/Cleaning Enabled)

Update Now

SysInspector Script Task

Protection Features

Run Scheduled Task

Restore/Delete From Quarantine Task

Rollback Virus Database

Clear Client`s Update Cache

Generate Security Audit Log

Show Notification

3)Select your desired task and perform the task-specific actions described in each of the following chapters.

Stage III - Select Clients

4)You can modify your client selections in the Select Clients window, which will appear once you have set up the task. You can refine your client selection by adding clients from the All items client overview tree (left half of the window) to the Selected items list (right half of the window) or by removing the client entries that are already on the list.
NOTE: Click Add Special ... to open a new window in which you can add clients from the Clients pane or add clients by Server and/or Groups.

Stage IV - Finishing the Task.

The following sub-chapters outline the individual task types for client workstations. An example scenario is given for each task type.

NOTE: The ERA Update Check window will pop up when the specified time interval elapses or when a new product version is available. To download the latest product update from ESET's website, click Visit Update Web Site.

All tasks available in the Tasks tab can be run again by right-clicking the desired task (or multiple selected tasks) and choosing Run Task Again... from the context menu. The Run Task Again wizard is similar to the New Task wizard. Click Continue to proceed to the next screen or alter the task to be run prior to clicking Continue.

Every task you run again will generate a new record (row) in the Tasks tab.