Network Search Task Wizard

A search task is a set of parameters used to search your network for computers. Search tasks are stored directly on the server, so they are available for all administrators.

You can use the predefined default search task, which is run periodically (it can also be triggered manually) and searches the entire network. Search results from this task are stored on the server. This task can also be edited, but once initiated it can not be stopped until it finishes.

Custom task parameters are stored on the server, but their search results are only sent to the console from which they were run. These search tasks can only be initiated manually.

To create a new search task click Add New... The Network Search Task Wizard: Scan Methods window will open where you can choose the methods to be used to search the network (you can choose multiple search methods):

Active Directory / LDAP – This option lets you select the branches of the active directory you want to search for computers, you can also include disabled computers.

Windows Networking (WNet) – Searches the computers in your windows network.

Shell –  Searches all computers in your network locations (windows network neighborhood).

IP Address – Lets you select the IP range / IP mask to be used during the search, or you can define a custom IP address list. The computers are searched by accessing their ports (which can be configured). You can also use a ping (this is recommended particularly when searching for Linux computers).

Custom computer list – Define a custom list of computers or import a custom list of computers from a *.txt file using Import From File.

In addition, you can Use WMI to get additional information about found computers.

Click Next and in the next screen you have the option to decide if the selected search task will be saved temporarily (deselect the check box next to Save in Search Tasks panel) or permanently in the Search Tasks panel (this is the default option) and if the task is supposed to be run (this is the default option) right after clicking Finish or not (deselect the check box next to Run now).

To run the task later, click Run in the Remote install tab.

NOTE: If the service is running under the local system account, no computers may be found using the Shell and the Wnet search. This is because the local system account doesn`t have the permissions to perform such a search. To resolve this issue change users or use a different search method.

NOTE: If you wish to increase the speed of search task when evaluating IP ranges and WMI information, increase the value of Maximum number of search threads at Tools > ESET Configuration Editor > Remote Administrator > ERA Server > Settings > Remote Install.