Installation History

The Installation History tab of the Remote Install tab contains a list of tasks and their attributes. It shows tasks in progress, tasks waiting to be executed and finished tasks. Here you can modify the number of items to be viewed and also right-click the tasks on the list for management/maintenance options. Use the Items to show pull down menu to increase/decrease the number of items viewed per page and the adjacent navigation buttons to swap between the pages available.

You can also filter the information shown in the Installation History tab. Check the Use filter option on the left pane to activate the filter. Then, define the Tasks filter criteria - Only computers like (?,*)/Exclude computers like (?,*). Type the computer name in the Computer name: field. You can also use wildcards; for example: *Com* and not the whole word Computer. Clicking the Reset button will delete the filter criteria and deactivate the filter.

Task Name – Name of the task, for predefined tasks is the same as task type.

Task Type – Type of the task, for more information see the chapter Tasks.

State – Current completion state of the task.

Description – Short description of the task action.

Date To Deploy – Time to/passed from the task execution.

Date Received – Time to/passed from the task reception at its execution point.

Comment – Note assigned to the install task.

Double-clicking an install task will show the Properties window.