Windows Upgrade Client

This type of installation is designated for clients with ESS/EAV version 4.2 and later. Beginning with version 4.2, a new upgrade mechanism was implemented that allows ERA to initiate the upgrade process on the client side without the need of the einstaller.exe agent. This mechanism works in a manner similar to the program component update, or PCU, which upgrades clients to a newer version of the program. For version 4.2 and later ESS/EAV clients, we strongly recommend this type of upgrade.

NOTE: If a custom configuration file has been defined for the installation package it will be ignored during the upgrade.

The Windows Upgrade Client option of New Installation Task command allows you to remotely upgrade a client/group of clients.

1)Click the Add Clients Special button in the first step if you want to use the selection tool to choose which clients to upgrade. After you finish making your selections click Next to continue.

NOTE: Clicking Add Clients Special opens a new window in which you can add clients by server (in the Servers section) or by group (in the Groups section).

2)In the Task settings window you can:

use the respective pull-down menus to select the the Name of an ESET product package that will be used to upgrade your client(s). Alternatively you can open the Package Manager to modify the existing packages.

change the default name and description of your upgrade task, select Apply task now if you want the task to execute immediately or Apply task later if you want to setup a later date for the task execution.

3)Click Finish  to complete the configuration of your upgrade client task.

NOTE: This task works only on clients that connect directly to the primary server. Clients from replicated servers will be ignored.