Policy Rules Wizard

The Policy Rules Wizard allows you to create a policy structure based on the existing group structure and map created policies to groups by creating corresponding policy rules.

1.In the first step you are prompted to organize your group. If you do not have a desired group structure configuration you can click Group Manager to setup your groups and then click Next.

2.In step two, you will be prompted to specify which of the categories of client groups will be affected by the new policy rule. After selecting the desired check boxes click Next.

3.Choose the Parent policy.

4.In the final step you will see a simple process status message. Click Finish to close the Policy Rules Wizard window.

Your new policy rule will appear in the list in the Policy Rules tab. Select the check box next to your rule name to activate a specific rule.

For more information on importing/exporting policy rules and name conflicts see the chapter Importing/Exporting policies.